Chef Santiago: traditional cuisine with the flair of an international artist

Our Executive Chef Santiago Vasquez boasts twenty years’ experience in well-known restaurants and hotels both in Italy and abroad.

After having pleased the taste buds of guests in prestigious restaurants ofMadrid, New York, Navarra, Punta del Este and Paris, he reached Sardiniawhere for the past six years he has headed with great skill the troupe of chefs of the La Scala Restaurant of Cagliari. An expert in the secrets ofinternational cuisine he is also a passionate explorer of the culinary traditions of the island.

His cuisineis both innovativeand traditional. His dishes, both surfand turf, are stylish and wholesome, prepared with love and precision, satisfying both the finest palates and the lovers of the traditional Sardinian dishes.

In the kitchen and the restaurant he relies on a team of highly skilled professionals, who pay great attention to the requirements and tastes of guests.

Together with his staff, he creates and offers personalised menus suitable for all occasions, from a romantic evening to a gala dinner, from a stylish party to a wedding reception, from a working dinner to formal catering.

Our Executive Chef Santiago handles in person the selection of all the ingredients included in the menu: and, as you will see, the result is a surprising medley of tastes and flavours.

The “La Scala” Restaurant recipes

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